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Milano reversible leather camera strap in blue and pink Saffiano leather

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Dual color camera strap in Blue and pink Saffiano leather.

Package : Camera strap, leather connectors, mount rings, dust bag, box.

There are some color combinations that can basically suite anything this is probably one of them. Playful and vivid.

Combining together 2 Saffiano leathers with contrast stitching and edge paint this strap is intended to be used a lot.

All because of the material. Saffiano leather is very resistant to mechanical impacts and small scratches.

We recommend our Saffiano straps to those photographers who are intented to use their straps day and night without worrying too much on a long term run.



3 different ways to connect your strap to any new or old camera (DSLR’s, Mirrorless, Instant cameras and so on) straight from the box.
Package includes pair of rings and pair of leather connectors and you can also attach your strap directly to the camera.
Construction of the strap allows you to perform attach/detach procedures very fast and easy.


Strap is soft and comfortable yet will keep it’s form during years of shooting. Easy neck or crossbody use.

Design and Look

Simple and clean lines with no unnecessary elements.
The look of the strap is as refined as it can possibly be.
With top materials from reputable Italian companies to accurate assembly and hand finishing.


We deeply care about our planet and environment. We think that global warming is a real threat. We use 35% stock materials from luxury Italian factories in our production. We also use water based adhesives, water based edge paint and we also buy green electricity to run the production. We work with leaders in the industry so we can be sure our suppliers also comply with current EU regulations.